Why you should never set foot in a haunted house

It is said that there are more ghosts than there are people in India.

There is even a ghost town, Cleo, in the hills of western Maharashtra, a town where some of the most haunting stories have taken place.

Cleo is said to be the haunt of a woman who, while living there, was attacked by a demon.

Her husband tried to help but, after she fell asleep, the demon snatched her and her unborn child.

A few years later, Cleos husband’s sister was raped and killed.

Some of the more recent tales are of the demon who has appeared in Cleo.

It is not clear whether the woman who has been attacked is still alive or not, but it is said she is not able to leave the town.

The demon is also said to haunt the town of Cleo in a form that resembles a human face.

Cleos ghost is said not to haunt humans, though.

“I have never heard of anyone who has seen Cleo ghost.

I have no idea if the demon is real or not,” said an elderly woman, who does not want to be named.”

Cleo does not have any ghost stories, but there are rumours about demons that have appeared there,” said Shashank, a senior resident of Cleopatra Village in Pune, a community in Maharashtra’s Andaman and Nicobar districts.

“There is a demon who was killed by the villagers in the village and it is also believed that his soul is trapped inside the demon’s body,” he said.

The demon, Shashad, is said by some to be one of the worst demons in India and has been seen by locals, but also by tourists.

“It is said the demon can see people in their dreams and is able to kill them.

He can also speak to them,” said a resident of the village, who did not want any name given.”

The locals believe that the demon haunts Cleo,” said R.K. Sharma, a retired scientist from the Centre for Research in Paranormal Research (CRPR).”

The CRPR has conducted a number of studies on the ghostly activities of the town and has found that some people claim to have seen demons there. “

He has been found dead in the vicinity of Cleoi,” he added.

The CRPR has conducted a number of studies on the ghostly activities of the town and has found that some people claim to have seen demons there.

However, the CRPR and others have been unable to confirm or deny whether demons have ever been seen in Cleopra.

“We have never seen the ghosts of any demons in Clea,” said Sharma.


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