How to get rid of slime from your house

The easiest way to clean up slime from walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces is to clean them out yourself, says a new study from Oxford University.

The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, shows that removing sludge from the air, using a vacuum cleaner and a paper towel reduces the number of times it gets airborne.

This may help to keep your home cleaner, says lead researcher Professor Michael Brown.

‘There are plenty of things that we don’t want to have on our floors and we want to do the right thing’ The study involved about 50 people using a range of cleaning products including an electric vacuum cleaner, a paper towels and a sponge.

The researchers then used a computer-controlled vacuum cleaner to vacuum and clean the surfaces.

To ensure the cleaner was not clogging the air with airborne dirt, they had a computer calculate how often the cleaner would collect dust and dust particles in the air.

This information was then fed into a computer to calculate the amount of sludge the cleaner had collected, which could be used to determine how much sludge it would be able to remove.

The results showed that removing just 5% of the surface of the walls and floors, and 5% from the ceiling and the floor, reduced the number and type of airborne dust particles and airborne particles from the floor and walls by about 25%.

They also found that removing 5% on the inside of the house also reduced the amount airborne dust from the home by about 60%.

‘There is not a single step you can’t take, and we found that the only way to reduce airborne dust is to use an air cleaner that has an adjustable vacuum, and that is something that is out of your control,’ says Professor Brown.

The research team has also found there are plenty in your home that need to be cleaned up, so you could do it yourself.

The paper says: ‘One of the most common problems with airborne dust in our homes is that airborne dust tends to settle on surfaces that are exposed to the air and collect in small, droplets, which can then accumulate on other surfaces, such as floors, walls and ceilings.’

‘When this happens, it is often quite difficult to remove it, even when the air is clean.’

The research was led by Professor Michael R. Brown from the Department of Environmental Engineering at Oxford University, and involved 50 people.

Professor Brown’s research was funded by the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research and the National Health Service.

This article first appeared on The Conversation.


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