An exciting new way to explore Lake Eucalyptus in the tropics

Cle Elum lake is an active tropical rainforest in south-east Africa.

There are about 2,500 species of trees, some as large as trees in Germany.

They range in size from a few hundred to more than one metre tall.

The trees produce a fruit that is high in protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and iron-binding protein (IBP), a nutrient which helps to build bones.

This is why it is so useful for people in the region.

Lake Euctus is a key area in the southern part of the tropic and, like the other lakes in Africa, is extremely important for many species of birds, particularly the vultures.

Vultures have a very high need for the vitamin B12 in the food they eat.

If the food is not available, they can’t find it in the water.

This can lead to anaemia and kidney problems.

The B12 they need helps to make up the balance in their diet.

This means they need vitamin B1 too.

The birds are also very dependent on the B vitamins, and it is very important for them to get them from the trees.

To do this they must eat the fruit of trees.

There is a lot of controversy about what the B vitamin should be.

Some experts believe that the B1 should be taken because it has been shown to be beneficial to humans, and to some extent this is true.

However, there are others who think that the fruit should be eaten because it is a rich source of B12 and that it is beneficial to the birds.

A study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, published last year, concluded that the main reason for this is because the B12 can be synthesised in the liver, the body’s main organ, which is an essential organ for bird survival.

The other reason is because B vitamins are present in the fruit and they are required for the birds to digest their food.

The scientists analysed data on the use of the fruit by a group of birds living in South Africa and concluded that their diet is rich in the B-type vitamin.

But why?

It was thought that the tree fruit was the most important source of the B4 that was also found in the diet of the other birds, the pteropod birds.

These birds are known for their ability to use and digest the vitamin, and they have the ability to digest both the B3 and B4 types of vitamin.

Pteropods are found throughout South Africa, but only in the northern part of it.

The fruit is eaten mostly by the white-throated pteronids, which are found in much of the southern continent.

It is also eaten by the black-browed pterosaurs, which live in the north and can only be found in southern Africa.

They are found mainly in the coastal areas of South Africa.

The researchers fed the ptersosaurs B3-rich diet with fruit from the tree, but then tested whether they could use the vitamin on the pups that were being fed this diet.

They found that when they were given B3 they ate more of the pup’s food than the pietas.

The results of the study were published in the journal Scientific Reports in May this year.

The pterosaur birds were found to be able to convert the B5 and B6 in the tree to B12.

But this did not affect their ability at all to digest the pungent fruit, which was the B6-rich fruit.

This could mean that the birds were not relying on B12 to provide the B7, B8 or B9 they needed to survive, but instead the B2 vitamin, which they needed for their survival.

This was a surprising result.

It means that they did not need to rely on the tree as a source of their vitamin B2.

This would explain why they do not eat it as much as the other species of pterodonts that eat the tree.

However the birds’ results do not mean that they need to stop eating the tree for B vitamins.

They might even be able use the tree’s B1 and B2 to make their own vitamin B vitamins and use them to improve their health.

The study was carried out by the University of Johannesburg and included a number of researchers from around the world.

One of the researchers, Dr Kees van de Ven, said that the research had a clear conclusion.

It showed that the trees in which they live do not need as much B vitamin as other species do.

They can afford to buy the vitamin in their food, which has been found to help to improve the birds health and wellbeing.

They have been found in South-east Asia and the Caribbean, which also have very high B vitamin levels.

“It means that the animals don’t need to have to rely so heavily on the trees for B, because they have their own B vitamins in their own bodies,” said Dr


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