What you need to know about a new study about the impact of water quality on the economy

The government is working on a report that will try to identify the biggest impacts on the Canadian economy that can be expected from a change in the level of water pollution in the province.

“We’re really looking at the economic impact of a change,” said Environment Canada’s Scott Gagnon.

The report is expected to be released later this year and will look at the impacts of water from different sources and the potential for a change to the water quality in a specific area.

Gagnons work is part of a broader government effort to assess the impact that water pollution could have on the nation.

The focus will be on the cost of drinking water for the province and the effect it has on businesses and individuals.

That report will look for changes in the amount of water used by the government and businesses, as well as how those changes impact businesses and how they affect the economy.

The province will also look at how much money is being spent on water quality improvement in different regions.

“There’s going to be a lot of things that we’re going to have to look at,” said Gagn, adding that there are some areas where the government can make significant changes to how they operate and where they spend money.

Gascons office, Environment Canada, will work with the province’s water quality monitoring service to determine how water pollution impacts water quality and water quality improvements.

The goal is to identify water quality impacts that can have a large impact on the economic performance of the economy, according to Gagn.

It’s not something that’s done in isolation, he said.

“I don’t think it’s done because you just need to take one or two measures at a time,” he said, adding the goal is for the government to be able to identify what those impacts are.

The government’s research into water quality will look to determine what changes are needed to address water quality problems in each region of the province in order to have the best chance of achieving their goals.

Some areas may need to have higher water quality requirements than others.

Gaviglio said the study will look into water-quality issues in rural areas where people don’t drink the water and can’t easily access it.

“It’s very hard to be out in the middle of nowhere and have a clean tap and water, especially if you have no access to water, and the water you’re using is not really clean,” said Gary Burdick, executive director of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

“The whole thing is really complicated.”

The federal government has already made some changes to the way water is treated in some areas.

For example, in the eastern and southern parts of the country, the provincial government recently introduced a water-treatment system that allows for more water to be treated than is currently required, and is more efficient.

Burdack said it was important for the provinces to follow that up.

“A lot of the things that have been going on in the past are being taken up by other provinces,” he explained.

“So it’s important for them to follow suit, because there’s a lot going on.”

In the west, Alberta is the only province that has a water quality standard that requires the use of a treatment system.

The water quality has improved for a number of years in that province, and now the provincial Water Quality Board is considering the option of implementing a system that requires more treatment.

The idea of using more treatment for the western part of the state has sparked concerns from environmental groups.

“What we’re seeing is a massive reduction in the ability to meet the water treatment requirements in Alberta, and that’s really problematic,” said Burdrick.

“As we move to the next phase of the policy, it’s critical that we find a way to make sure we can keep our water clean in the long term.”

The province is also reviewing the impact on some fisheries.

The provincial government said it will look carefully at the effects of the change on fishing practices.

The issue has already been raised in some provincial governments.

“Fish is important for fish,” said Jim Tansley, the Minister of Fisheries.

“If you’re going out and you’re fishing a lot in an area where you’re not getting the best quality of fish, that’s going do more damage than good.”

The issue of how much fish to catch is also a concern for some.

“They’re trying to make fish a commodity and the fish is just going to go away, and they don’t want to deal with it,” said Dave Gagnum, a member of the fisheries committee in the legislature.

“That’s not going to work.

That’s just not going be an option.”

Gagnunas work is to work with government agencies and industry to determine whether there are any opportunities to change the fish that are being caught, and to help people understand what’s at stake if they do decide to take the fish.

Gaglias work will also help find a solution to the issue of contaminated


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