What I’ve learned about the Israel-Palestine conflict from the latest round of protests

A recent spate of anti-Israel protests has led to the arrest of dozens of Israeli citizens, and the seizure of more than 2,000 Palestinian and Arab property, sparking anger in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In recent days, the police have detained more than 200 Palestinians, including at least two teenagers who had reportedly hurled rocks at the police headquarters in occupied East Jerusalem.

In addition, the army has launched a wave of raids on several Palestinian homes in the West Bank.

The Palestinian leadership condemned the arrests and raids, calling the arrests “unconstitutional” and “unlawful.”

It also accused the Israeli authorities of having the “vital interest” of “destroying the Palestinian movement” in the territories.

“The occupation is taking the decision to make arrests and confiscations against the Palestinian citizens of Israel,” Abbas’ Fatah movement said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The occupation must stop arresting, confiscating and humiliating Palestinians in the Palestinian territories.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority announced it would impose the death penalty for anyone found guilty of carrying out a stabbing attack on Israelis in the territory.

In addition to the recent wave of arrests, police have conducted dozens of raids across the occupied territories in recent days in the aftermath of the death of Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khdeir in a police shooting in Jerusalem.

The police have seized dozens of weapons, including knives, pistols and a rocket launcher, in recent raids, including the arrest in East Jerusalem of a Palestinian man in his 20s, who they say was carrying a knife and a large knife.

“It is clear that the occupation is planning to implement the death sentences for all the Palestinian residents of the occupied Palestinian territories, including those who participated in protests,” the PA said in its statement.

The PA also condemned the shooting in the capital.

In a televised address on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel will not tolerate “any form of violence, including knife attacks, in any area in which Palestinians are living.”

He added that he will continue to call on the international community to condemn violence.

The attacks in the holy city come at a time when the Palestinian government and security forces are working hard to restore calm.

Israel is one of the countries most important allies in the region, and it has become increasingly concerned about what it sees as an increasing risk of the rise of radical Islamist groups.

Palestinian security sources told The Associated Press that an Israeli army officer was killed and another wounded on Sunday in a suicide attack in the Hebron area, in which a man blew himself up near the entrance to a nearby checkpoint.

Israel said it would investigate the death.


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