What’s new in Apple Music 3.1

Apple Music 2.1.1, released on March 22, 2018, was the first major update for the service since the launch of Apple Music 4.0, which launched on March 21, 2019.

Apple Music was redesigned for iOS 11 and released with iOS 11.1 on April 5, 2018.

This update included some improvements to the app experience and a number of bug fixes.

It also introduced the ability to sync music from iTunes to Apple Music.

This was a significant update, but it was also a major departure from Apple Music’s previous approach to updates.

In the past, Apple Music updates were distributed through a variety of means, including via iOS updates, app updates, and updates to iCloud.

The company’s most recent updates were a significant step in this direction.

It was a major update to make Apple Music more of a standalone streaming music service, with a new design, a streamlined user interface, and a redesigned Music app.

It included the addition of a new feature called ClearSlime, which allowed users to scrub out all the dirty and unwanted content in their music library.

The app also introduced an all-new feature called CleanKey, which allows users to filter their music and audio based on the music and sounds they are listening to.

CleanKey is an important new feature for Apple Music, as it is the first of its kind.

The feature allows users the ability change their preferences and the way they view their music.

Users can change the default app to “Clean”, or the current app, “Clean”.

When using the Clean Key feature, Apple has created a filter that removes unwanted music and metadata.

This allows users of the new app to quickly and easily filter their collection of music and music sounds.

CleanKeys feature was one of the major updates in Apple’s first major release of iOS 11, and the company continues to work on a variety new features in this update.


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