‘Beauty and the Beast’ Reboot Set to Launch This Fall in 2018

The Beauty and the Beasts franchise will be getting a reboot with Disney bringing back Beauty and Beast for a reboot in 2018, EW has learned exclusively.

The 2018 movie will be titled Beauty and The Beast: The Return of the Wicked Witch, EW’s sources confirm to EW.

“Beauty & the Beast: Return of The Wicked Witch” will be the first Beauty and/or Beast movie in 20 years, and will reunite Beauty and friends with their friends from the first film, which premiered in 1975.

The film will be directed by Rupert Sanders, who also helmed the last Beauty and and the Beowulf reboot in 2008.

Beauty and her friends have also been featured in several Disney movies, including the 2018 animated film Beauty and Beauty.

It will mark the first time the beloved characters will be in a Disney movie since Disney released The Jungle Book in 1991.

Disney has been developing a series of Beauty and B&B films in addition to Beauty and Beasts, which is expected to be announced sometime this summer.

“We’re thrilled to welcome back Beauty & the Bea, along with the amazing talents and incredible cast of Disney’s Beauty and Bea,” said Jeff Bock, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

“With a new Beauty and a new Belle, our Beauty and Friends journey continues, bringing together beloved Disney characters, beloved fans and fans of Beauty, together to bring a magical, new story of magic, friendship and magic that’s going to resonate across the Disney family.”


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