How to get rid of the new cable and satellite TV antenna in your car

The newest generation of cable and broadband is arriving in our vehicles in big, bright boxes.

The next-generation of broadband is being built for cars with the help of the next-gen car radio.

 But the radios that come with this new tech are so noisy that you’ll have to be careful when driving.

In the meantime, you can get rid with a simple switch.

This is how to get the old cable and antenna out of your car and install the next generation.


Remove the old antenna and replace it with the new antenna.

The old one should be on the passenger side.

You can remove the old one with a Philips screwdriver.


Plug in the new radio. 

If you’re using the radio that came with your car, plug in the transmitter jack in the center console.


Make sure the radio is plugged in. 4.

Plug the car radio in.

The radio is connected to the radio’s power supply.


Plug your cable in and power on the radio.

The car radio is powered on and should work.


Press the Power button to turn the radio on. 

If the radio isn’t on yet, turn the power off, turn on the ignition and press the Power.


Turn on the car’s radio.

If the car still doesn’t work, plug the radio back in.

If it doesn’t turn on, turn off the ignition, press the power button, press and hold the “Power” button for about 5 seconds.


Connect the radio to your car.

The new radio should connect and work.

If not, wait for the radio cable to connect to your receiver and plug it in.9.

Plug-in your car radio to the new receiver.


Wait for the new speaker cable to arrive in your garage.11.

Plug a new speaker into the car stereo.12.

Connect your cable to the car audio.

You can test this by taking the car to your dealership and plugging the radio into your car’s audio system.


Turn off the car.


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