5 things you should know about Cleo Rose Elliott, the green eco-minded Australian fashion designer

Cleo Elliott, who’s set to launch her own eco-friendly clothing line on June 30, has had a pretty busy year.

The 31-year-old, who is also the creative director of the Australian Green Group, made waves when she appeared on The View in February 2017 with her long hair in a short ponytail.

Her new clothes, which she calls “clean vines”, will be sold exclusively on the fashion chain’s website.

Her “clean” clothing line will also feature a “clean-living” theme, featuring green and eco-conscious designs.

Here are some of the best items she’s wearing this summer.


Cleo is currently working on a collection of her own clothes that will be available to buy through CleoRoseElliott.com.

You can buy your own pair of shoes, shoes, dresses, hats, or anything else in the brand’s line through June 30.

You’ll be able to buy a “cleo flower” tee, which is a design that mimics a flower but is “made with a natural, sustainable and recycled material”.

The tee will be the brand ‘s first foray into eco-trendy footwear, which it plans to market to the “green crowd”.


Clee is a vegan.

She is also vegan and uses a vegan egg substitute when it comes to the products she uses, but says she is “not a fan of eggs.”

She’s been vegan for about six years, and says she wants her lifestyle to be a “whole food one,” which she explains means “eating plant foods.”

She also says she’s not a fan, but doesn’t want to get into “debate” about her diet.

She also supports the vegan movement.

“I do not see my veganism as a problem.

It is a part of who I am,” she said.


Cleos “clee-solo” tee will have a “green” theme in the coming months.

The tee, designed by artist Tasha Blunt, will feature green floral prints and an embroidered design that resembles a cleo rose.

The company has created “cleosolo” shirts for men, women, and kids that are made of recycled materials and are available exclusively for purchase through the Cleo brand.

It will also have a range of clothing available for men and women who wear it. 4.

Clees eco-wear collection has been selling out quickly.

It’s available in men’s sizes and in women’s sizes, but is currently out of stock.

The collection includes shoes, bags, shirts, and accessories, which you can buy online through Cleos eco-fashion shop, Cleos.com, on June 24.

It also has a collection that you can get online in men and in men in women.


Cleoe is a fan favorite on Instagram.

She’s also the “coolest” Instagram model and has been voted the “Coolest Australian Woman of 2017” by the Australian Fashion Awards.

She started out modelling when she was 18, but now she is one of the most popular Australian fashion models.

Her followers are the reason she’s so popular.

 In June, she shared a photo of herself with her dog, “Cleo.”

She captioned it, “My dog is so cool.

The love we share makes me smile every day. ❤️️🎄️💘💞💕💤.”


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