‘The worst day of my life’: A New Zealand mother of two reveals her shocking ordeal with the coronavirus

New Zealand has witnessed the worst day for a mother in its history with her two daughters being infected with the new coronaviruses.

Nanette Tevlin said her daughters, who are 16 and 15, went to their local GP and were immediately given tests and referred to specialist clinics.

“It was the worst thing to ever happen to my children,” she told news.com.au.

The girls were taken to the Royal New Zealand Hospital where doctors were able to isolate the virus from the blood of their bodies.

They were discharged and given a clean bill of health but have since been advised to stay home.

Ms Tevlins ordeal has been described by the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, as “the worst day in the history of the country”.

“My daughters have been the focus of the attention of the public, but I can only imagine what the people of New Zealand have been going through,” she said.

She said she was determined to get her daughters vaccinated for the next round of tests and was working on a plan to have them all vaccinated at the same time.

“We’re working on the plan and we’re hoping to have a team together by the end of next week,” Ms Tevler said.

“Hopefully it will be a very speedy process.”

She also said she would be sending her eldest daughter, aged 15, to her home country of Australia, where she said she could be “pretty happy”.

Ms Ardernet said the new virus could “totally change” the way the country did business, with the government having to rethink what they did in the past and re-evaluate their policies.

New Zealand is the first country in the world to have reported more than 100 cases of coronavirence.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said the country was also “doing well”.

“New Zealand has had the worst virus outbreak in our history,” he said.

“It’s a massive concern and we’ve got to work out how we get our act together.

I’m hopeful we’ll be able to have that discussion and work with the Government, we have to make sure the Government is able to get this right.”

Ms Coleman said he was confident there would be “no repeat of what happened” in the US, where the virus was reported to have been spread through the mail.

In the US two coronaviral cases were reported on Sunday and more than 50,000 people were being tested for the virus.

More than a million people have been infected in the UK, with more than 4,000 confirmed cases, with some 10,000 deaths.

Mr Coleman said Australia’s response was “very good” and there was no evidence to suggest that New Zealand’s was a worse outbreak.

A Government spokesperson said the Prime Ministers response to the new strains was “a very positive one”.

Mr Cole said he had spoken to Ms Arderns team and had assured them that there would not be a repeat of the UK outbreak.

“This is a very good day for the Government,” he told newscom.com, adding that he had confidence the new viruses would be contained.

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