Clean eatz Kitchen’s clean eatz restaurant is now open for business

Clean eaty Kitchen’s new restaurant in the city is open for its first day of business.

Clean eat and play restaurant owner Cleo Massey said they opened the restaurant at the corner of the streets of Waverley and Swanston Streets in the CBD on Saturday afternoon.

Clean ate and play will also be opening a restaurant on the corner at the same time.

“We were just so excited about opening our restaurant, and it was so exciting for us,” Ms Massey told News24.

“Our first day we’ve been really excited, we really had no idea what to expect.”

The staff at Clean Eatz Kitchen is really good, we just couldn’t wait for the day.

“Ms Massey also said the Clean Eaty Kitchen was a huge hit with people coming in from out of town and even people who didn’t know about the food but wanted to try it.”

There were people from out the country coming in, so it’s great to see, we can’t wait to see the people come in and try the food,” she said.”

It’s also a great way to get back into the community, we have a community event coming up next week so we’ll be able to have a bit of a community gathering.

“Ms Mascsey said Clean Eat was hoping to have the restaurant open for breakfast on Monday morning.”

Everyone has been very helpful, and everyone’s been very welcoming, they’ve been very friendly,” she told News 24.”

As soon as we opened up we were just happy to have our first day.

“Clean eatz menu, which includes an assortment of fruit salads and soups, will also include a selection of breakfast foods such as pancakes, omelets, biscuits, biscuits and oatmeal.


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