A quick update on the cleanup effort to clear slime from the street

A few days ago, we posted a list of things we’re doing to clean out the streets of Seattle.

Today, we’ve updated our list with a new list of what we’re cleaning out.

First up, there’s the trash, which is a little less messy, because we’ve got all the stuff we can use for a second hand car wash.

And now, we have the trash.

There are two categories for the trash: “recycled” and “reused.”

In this category, we’re going to clean up as much of the trash as we can, because there are things like cans, plastics, cardboard boxes, and even cardboard cutouts of cars.

But we’ll keep things like recycling cans and plastic bottles for the cars, too.

The other category is for the plastic containers that we’ve been keeping around to use as a secondary trash can.

You can use this trash to clean the outside of the car.

We’ll keep the interior, as well.

This category is reserved for cars that are “reusing” their plastic containers for the purpose of being recycled, or to be used as a secondhand car wash or to use to store food or other items.

So this is what you’ll want to use for the second hand recycling, if you can.

Finally, there are the discarded food containers.

The food containers that people throw out because they don’t want to dispose of them, and also because they have other uses.

There’s the plastic plastic trash bags, which you can use to put food in your car for your kids to eat.

This can be useful for storing the leftover foods that you can throw away, or the food that you put in your freezer.

Here’s a list with more details on how to clean each category.


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