Which of the new Republican bills will make the cut?

A new survey finds that only 15 percent of Americans think a Republican-sponsored health-care bill is likely to be passed in the lame-duck Congress.

The survey from Morning Consult and the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation shows that only 28 percent of respondents said they think it is likely.

The Kaiser poll found that only 26 percent of Republicans believe the GOP-led Congress will pass a bill in the current lame-dumb session.

Republicans control both chambers of Congress, but they are facing a daunting challenge to pass a health-reform bill in a lame-stop Congress.

Democrats are pushing a number of initiatives, including a plan to scrap the Affordable Care Act’s tax credits, a requirement to allow children to stay on their parents’ insurance until they turn 18, and an expansion of Medicaid.

More than half of Republicans (53 percent) say the health-insurance exchanges they plan to set up in their states are working well.

But while Republicans in Congress seem to have no plans to pass the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA), there are signs that some of the measures they have proposed could make the final cut.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have proposed repealing and replacing the ACA, while Democrats are seeking to extend the health law’s coverage protections to millions of people who lack insurance.

The poll found, however, that only 34 percent of those who support repeal think the health care plan passed by Congress is likely “to be successful.”

This contrasts with 57 percent who think it’s likely to pass.

The poll also found that Americans believe that Congress will try to pass legislation that will reduce the number of Americans on disability benefits.

Thirty-one percent of voters said that they think the bill is unlikely to reduce the total number of people on disability and another 33 percent said they do not think it will reduce that number.

While the poll found a wide margin of agreement on whether a bill that repeals and replaces the ACA is likely or unlikely to pass in the U.S. Congress, Americans did not appear to believe that any of the Republican bills would actually do much to address the nation’s growing chronic-disease burden.


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