How to avoid the spot clean spot you hate (in 3 easy steps)

With a spot clean, the game has been known to become a major pain in the ass.

I know, I know.

Spot clean is a mechanic that has been around since before the PC and is something that’s been part of the series for years.

It’s a mechanic where players are supposed to get their hands dirty and clean up any dirty spots they come across in order to get new loot.

It works pretty well in games like Borderlands and Destiny, where there’s a lot of clean-up to be done in order for a player to obtain a new reward.

It also makes for a fun way to get a lot more loot, because there’s no need to worry about spot clean.

In Borderlands 2, spot clean is just a mechanic, but it’s something that you have to learn to play with to enjoy.

When a player starts a new game, the first thing they should do is find a clean spot in the world.

They should also be sure to keep an eye on their inventory to make sure they have everything they need to start over with.

In the world, you can actually see a list of all the items in the player’s inventory and the clean spots they have left on their character.

If you notice any spots that are dirty, you’ll be able to do a spot sweep and pick them up.

You’ll also have a way to see what spots are clean and what are dirty.

If there’s one item you’re missing, there’s another one that can be found, and you’ll have a better chance of finding that one.

Spot sweep is also a nice way to make certain items more valuable, because they’re actually useful items.

If your character is carrying an enchanted shield, you should be able see that you’ve got the shield.

If they’re carrying a ring, they should have the ring.

If their inventory is full of food and potions, you might be able grab that one too.

There’s also a way for you to see where certain items are and to spot what items are on the ground.

If an item is missing from your inventory, you may be able find it on the spot.

When you spot a dirty spot, you will automatically be given a random loot item.

If it’s an item that you don’t normally have in your inventory like a shield or a ring or a potion, you won’t be given that item.

Instead, you get a random random loot icon, like a torch or a shovel.

In order to find the items that you’re looking for, you have the option to scan the map.

The more you scan the area, the more items you’ll find.

You can also pick up the items by finding them in a nearby area, like you would if you were to spot a spot you didn’t like.

You should be wary when scanning because you can see other players who may be around.

In other words, if you spot someone else using a spot, it could be a trap or you could get caught.

So, when you spot something that should be spot clean and there’s nothing there, you shouldn’t panic and try to grab it right away.

Instead of scanning and then getting it rightaway, you want to scan and then scan and scan.

If someone spots you in the wrong spot, they could be doing something to get you to come in.

There are a couple different ways to spot dirty spots.

The first is when you’re walking in a room and you see a spot that is dirty.

It might be in the middle of the room, in a corner, or right next to something.

If a player spots you with their finger on the surface of a dirty area, you could be caught.

In addition to the obvious one, there are also things like the water in a lake or the trash in the sewers.

If anyone spots you and you can’t spot anything, you’re likely to be caught as well.

If no one sees you, you need to be careful about your movements.

You could get too close and be caught, or you can be too far away and be a distraction.

If the spot is in the open, it’s possible that someone could spot you and pick you up.

If not, the player could spot your spot and use it to lure you into a spot where they can steal your items.

Spot cleaning is also something you can do when you have a certain amount of health.

This is because if you’re not near a clean area, there is a chance that the spot will be marked as clean.

If that happens, the spot you’ve spotted could become clean and you could grab it.

If nothing happens, you still get the item.

It doesn’t mean that you can grab it and use that spot as your spot clean if you have too much health.

If all you want is a clean location to spot clean for, then it’s up to you to be a bit more careful when you scan, because you’ll likely be in a spot


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