The best iPhone cleaning tips from a Google insider

Cleaning is fun.

And it can be incredibly rewarding.

But as with any fun activity, you need to be sure you’re getting all the right ingredients and tools to get your job done.

In this post, we’ve rounded up the top 10 things you need when it comes to iPhone cleaning.

Read moreThe Top 10 Things You Need To Know About iPhone CleaningTips 1.

First, Make sure you have all your iPhone’s hardware and apps back up in case you need them.

iPhone hardware and software is always in storage.

If you’ve lost your phone, or accidentally deleted it, you’ll need to retrieve it.

It’s a big risk.

If your device is lost or damaged, there’s a very good chance your apps are out of sync with your other apps and services, which can result in your device being unable to connect to the internet.

If you have your data backup backed up on your Mac, you can easily sync it between iOS devices and iCloud.

If that doesn’t work for you, try downloading a backup on your iPhone.2.

Before you start, make sure you get the right iPhone cleaning supplies.

The best iPhone hardware and applications are all available for you to use.

The only exception is the iPhone 6S, which requires you to buy a case and/or headphones.

This will help keep your phone clean and safe for you.

The best way to do this is to pick the one with the most bang for your buck.

For more iPhone cleaning information, check out our article on the best iPhone cleaners.3.

To avoid damage to your iPhone, you’re going to need to take some time to remove the phone’s protective coating.

You should also ensure your iPhone is completely dust free.

Apple’s official guide states: “Apple recommends removing any protective cover that covers your device from the inside out, as this helps keep the phone safe and free of dust.”

Apple recommends you remove the protective cover from your iPhone from the top.

If the case and headphones are off, then you may want to take your time removing the protective covers.

If they are off but still in place, they’ll be the first things to go. 4.

Before cleaning your iPhone again, make a list of all the important apps, settings, and other data you want to keep safe.

There’s no point cleaning your phone if you can’t access your important apps.

Make sure you’ve checked your iCloud settings and other important settings.

Once you’ve done this, you may find you can clean your iPhone with one hand, which makes it much easier to do the job properly.


Make sure your iPhone has the right case and accessories.

Before cleaning your device, it’s important to ensure your case and any accessories you have are all working properly.

If everything is working properly, you won’t have to worry about any problems.

But if things aren’t working, you should clean the phone from the bottom with a paper towel.


If it’s raining, you want rain protection.

With rain or thunderstorms, you shouldn’t need a case.

The rain will get through the protective case and the iPhone will still be safe.

However, if you’ve just left the house with a case on, and then decide to go out in the rain, the case may come down and make a mess on your phone.

If this happens, just put the phone on its side, so that it’s protected from water damage.


If there’s an issue with your iPhone when you’re not using it, take a backup.

Every time you take your iPhone out of storage, the battery needs to be charged to 100% before you can use it again.

So, if there’s any battery life left, you must take a full charge before using your phone again.


Make certain you have the right AppleCare protection.

If AppleCare doesn’t cover your phone or case, then there’s no reason for you not to do a full backup of the iPhone.


Before doing anything with your phone in the event of a loss, it may help to take a few pictures to ensure you have everything you need.

In addition, if the iPhone comes with any case, it should come with a spare case, a spare ear piece, and an iPhone case case sticker.

These items can be used for the case or the ear piece.


AppleCare protects your iPhone against damage.

If something goes wrong, AppleCare can cover you against any damage.

That means the iPhone won’t need to charge for a while, and if it’s damaged, you don’t need it anymore.


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