The story of a man who lost his job and his family after transitioning from a woman

A man whose job and family have been cut off after he transitioned from a man to a woman says he is still struggling with his gender identity.

Key points:Arclight Clean Transition has a goal of being 100% self-funded by 2018-19The man said he has lost his jobs and family after taking hormonesArclights first meeting with the government was at a conference in MarchMr Massey said he had been told by the Australian Government that the government had “done an amazing job of supporting this”.

Arclighters founder and CEO, Andrew Smith, said he started Arclights because he was looking for “a way to transition from the life I knew”.

He said he began hormone treatment at the age of 15 and has had the sex change operation twice.

“The first time it was to stop me getting hurt or getting bullied, the second time it [transition] was to just be able to live life without the physical manifestation of being a woman,” he said.

Mr Smith said he was worried that he would lose his job because he had not had a gender transition for several years.

“I was worried it would be a long time before I got my job back,” he told the ABC.

“But then the other day my boss came to me and said ‘you need to get back to work and you need to do your job’.”

Arclighting was started by Mr Smith and Mr Massey, who has a PhD in computer science.

Mr Massell said Arclighting had been a successful start up, with over 300 clients.

“We’ve got over 100,000 users and we’re very proud of that,” he added.

“It’s been really rewarding for us and we have a great team that’s made it possible for us to do what we’ve been doing.”

Mr Smith and his wife, Sarah, who are also transgender, were looking forward to the day when Arclight could be fully self-funding and would be able meet its vision of being completely self-sufficient.

“In the last couple of years, our business has gone from strength to strength,” Mr Smith said.

“Our customers have been absolutely amazing.”

When I started Arcos, I didn’t know anything about the business, I just wanted to do something.

“After being so focused on transitioning, I realised it was a huge opportunity to start something from scratch and do something for other people.”

Mr Masseys goal is to be completely self funded by the end of 2018.


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