How to keep your vagina clean

The New York Times’ editorial board has endorsed a campaign to promote vaginal hygiene.

The Times says that using the phrase “vagina clean” to describe how a vagina should be kept should be a non-issue in modern society, according to a new article by columnist Margaret Sullivan.

It’s the latest in a string of media reports to argue against the “dirty” term used to describe a vagina, and it’s the first time that the Times editorial board endorsed a vagina clean campaign.

In the piece, Sullivan said she has seen “the term vagina clean” used to refer to the way a vagina is maintained by using antibacterial wipes, and she says the term is “so often used to label our current practices.”

“We should not have to use the word ‘vagina cleaner’ or ‘vaginal cleanser’ when describing our practices and how we clean our vaginas, but instead should use the term ‘vaginally clean,'” Sullivan wrote.

“We need to talk about our vaginally clean practices, and we need to do it without using the word vagina.”

The Times editorial has previously said it is against using the term “vaginal cleaner” and that “vaginally cleaning” should not be used to reference a vagina.

“A vagina clean is a clean vagina,” Sullivan wrote in the editorial.

“There is nothing dirty about the way you clean your vagina.

No-one ever said, ‘You should never clean your vaginal.’

But I have heard this term so often and I have seen it used in such a way as to imply that our practice is dirty.”

Sullivan’s article, “A Vaginal Clean Is Not a Clean Vagina,” comes after the National Organization for Women issued a statement calling the term vagina cleaner “discriminatory and dehumanizing.”

“It is time for the national and international community to come together and demand that all women, regardless of their gender, are allowed to be their authentic selves,” the statement reads.

“The word ‘clean’ is not a term of liberation for women, it is a word of exclusion.

It is not empowering, it perpetuates sexism and the dehumanization of women.””

If a woman wants to clean her vagina, she can and should clean herself,” it continues.”

But for many women, cleaning their vaginas means having to go back and re-clean themselves every three to six months, in a culture where vaginal cleaning is not seen as a natural or desirable activity.”

We need to change our terminology, and if the term vaginal clean does not fit our culture, then we should use a different word, such as ‘vaginolicious.'”””

As a society, we need a culture of cleanliness and we must all be willing to do our part in this effort.

We need to change our terminology, and if the term vaginal clean does not fit our culture, then we should use a different word, such as ‘vaginolicious.'””

Clean” is a synonym for “clean” or “clean,” and “vaginogenic” is an umbrella term for the use of vaginal products, which include vaginal lubes, douches, vaginal cream, douche banks, vaginal scrubs, and vaginal gel.

Sullivan said she thinks the “clean vagina” movement is not going anywhere and that the “toxic masculinity” of the term has “gone too far.”

“I am so sick of hearing it used to demean the women who clean their vagines, and I’m not alone,” Sullivan said.

“It’s time to stop using the terms ‘vagine cleaner,’ ‘vagyncle,’ and ‘vaginy-clean,'” she said.


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