Blueberry Faygo cleans mucus from White House | WSJ

Blueberry fygo is a simple but effective cleaning agent.

It works by gently washing the mucus off your eyes, nose, lips and cheekbones with water.

“If you’ve been in a stressful situation and have a tendency to cough, you should be able to wash it off and get your breath back,” says Sarah Pappas, president of Blueberry Fresh Cleaning.

The company is currently testing its Fygo Cleaning to be more effective in dealing with those who have difficulty breathing after using cough medicines or alcohol.

Read more about Blueberry’s Fygon Cleaning: How to Make a Blueberry Juice Fartless from your kitchen?

The simple and affordable Fygen product is designed to help you stay fit and happy.

To use, first add 3 tablespoons of liquid blueberry juice to 1 tablespoon of hot water.

Then add a little bit of a fizzy, non-alcoholic fruit juice and mix.

It will take about 2-3 minutes for it to be well mixed.

Then taste it and add more water if needed.

Fygen can also be used to make sparkling lemonade, but you can also add a bit of orange juice to it to make it a fizzier drink.

When you are finished, drink your fygen or soda-free fygon juice in the evening to be ready for work.

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