Which is better? Clean water and clear shampoo

Clean water is better for your hair than a dirty shampoo, according to a new study.

Clean water has a more pleasant scent than dirty water and is less likely to irritate your scalp and hair, according the study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

The researchers used a variety of chemicals to determine which was best for each person.

Dr Lisa Ahern from the University of New South Wales, who led the research, said: “The best water is clean, clean water and it’s also clean to wash your hair, but it’s not as good for your scalp.”

Clean water had a pleasant smell, she said.

Dr Ahern said the researchers also found that when you used the shampoo, it helped remove a significant amount of bacteria. “

What we found was that they were able actually to remove some of the irritants and it was not so great for your skin.”

Dr Ahern said the researchers also found that when you used the shampoo, it helped remove a significant amount of bacteria.

Clean shampoo The shampoo used in the study was a mix of mineral water and plant oils.

The results showed that the shampoo could remove 98 per cent of the bacteria found in your scalp, Dr Ahan said.

The shampoo also removed 99 per cent, the researchers said.

Dr Ahen said the most surprising result was that it was the cleanest shampoo and the least irritating.

She said the study found that a mix with mineral water had the highest amount of beneficial bacteria, while a mix using plant oils had the lowest amount of bacterial.

The study also showed that when people used the mixture of the mineral water, the water was able to kill 99 per and the plant oils was able kill 99.8 per cent.

“I think that is a huge benefit of using this kind of shampoo and it could be a real benefit for people with oily hair,” Dr Aethan said.

Cleaners and detergents ‘no longer a big deal’ Dr Athern said that the study showed that cleaners and cleaners had been “no longer big deal”.

“I thought that a lot of the people who were using this cleaner or this detergent or these shampoo products, they probably didn’t think of it that way,” she said


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