The clearest water is now in your hands

The cleartech company ClearOne says the crystal clear water can save up to 75 percent on water bills.

The company launched its Clear One Clear Water Cleaner on Thursday.

It uses a water purification process that breaks down waste water to create a safe clean water that can be used as a cleaning solution for homes and businesses.

“Clean water is critical for our health and wellbeing.

It is also critical for the health of our communities,” ClearOne said in a statement.

“It is the most cost effective, and the most environmentally friendly way to clean up your home.”

The company says it uses less than 2 percent of water, making it the cleanest water available.

Its Clear One Water Cleaners also contain minerals that are naturally found in the water, so they are naturally clean.

ClearOne is also making a water-safe water filtration product called ClearOne Clear Clean, which is also available in a $9.99-per-bottle price point.

The ClearOne Water Clean has been sold through the company’s website and on

The product uses a technology called Microsemicooler that helps remove dissolved minerals from the water.

The water can be filtered up to 50 percent, according to ClearOne.

The Clean One Clear is available in white, blue, pink, purple, red, pink and turquoise colors.

The technology is available through the ClearOne website and is only available in its most recent version, ClearOne Clean.

It comes in two sizes, 2 liters and 8 liters.

The first is the standard ClearOne water filter that is used for home use.

The second is a water filtrate that is meant for commercial use.

It also comes with a plastic case, which can be attached to a water filter.

Clearone has also announced that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which it said will help cover the cost of the product.

A crowdfunding campaign for the Clear One Clean is also running on the website of ClearOne’s parent company, Blue Ridge Technologies.

The crowdfunding campaign will run through November 10.

“The world is facing a serious challenge, as we’ve seen in the past year with water pollution, water scarcity, and water-borne disease, which are all connected to water pollution,” Clear one CEO Brian McAlpin said in an interview with The Hill.

“Water is an essential human need, but unfortunately the amount of water that we have is being wasted on a daily basis.

We need a solution that is safe and cost effective to clean our water and the water around us.”

ClearOne also announced in November that it would open a water treatment plant in Arizona.

“We are committed to the creation of a new, world-class water treatment and waste treatment facility in Phoenix,” McAlton said in the statement.


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