Cleaning up Harbors: Cleaning Harbors, Clear Creek

Cleaning the waterways around Coronado Springs is a priority for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, who voted Wednesday to approve a plan to clear the contaminated waters and restore the Coronados.

The county has spent millions of dollars to clean up and improve its drinking water and air quality, and residents and businesses have been left with a toxic mess in their backyard.

However, the county is now asking for help from the private sector.

San Diego County Water Supply and Treatment District is seeking $5 million to help with water cleanup and the city of Coronades, which will get $3 million in grants.

San Diego Water Department’s Drinking Water & Recycling Director John Carvajal said the agency is looking to partner with a water district to help clean up the water supply, but he said that’s not the plan.

“This is not a new effort to clean our water supply,” he said.

“We’ve had this cleanup since 2008.

We just have a lot of water in the system that needs to be cleaned up.”

Coronados is in a water-logged condition, which means the water levels are high, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The water is treated at the water treatment plant and then is pumped out into the sea to be treated.

It’s then shipped out of the county and dumped into the San Joaquin River.

It is then pumped back into the county’s system.

The San Joos are a watershed that supplies drinking water to about 70,000 residents.

Officials said in a press release that the water quality in the county has improved in the past three months.

“The San Diego River system is in good shape, but the water in our waterways is not yet in excellent condition, and we will continue to monitor water quality and address any additional contaminants to ensure the health of the public and our local environment,” the statement read.

The county is asking for private funding to help pay for the cleanup.

San Diegans for Clean Water, an environmental nonprofit, says the county will be able to get the help through private donations, which are tax deductible.

The district’s water and wastewater treatment plant has had a number of major issues in recent years.

Last year, it received more than $100 million in federal stimulus money.

That money has allowed the agency to clean out the water system, which is also part of the San Gabriel River system.

The district said it plans to spend more than two billion dollars to improve the system.


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