US lawmakers call for probe into how Trump’s companies covered up Russia sanctions

NEW YORK — U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday called for a special investigation into how the Trump administration covered up Russian sanctions against its business partners.

A bill to establish the Office of Foreign Assets Control would include a wide range of sanctions against foreign entities that “knowingly or recklessly” violate U.N. sanctions.

The legislation, introduced by New York Sen. Charles Schumer and Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin, would target the U.K. and the European Union, the two biggest sources of Russian funds for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The bill is sponsored by New Jersey Rep. Jerrold Nadler and Connecticut Rep. Jim Moran.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which is chaired by Democratic Sen., is expected to take up the measure Wednesday.

The U.F.C. sanctions prohibit U.B.P. companies from engaging in any activities that would “influence the U .

S. foreign policy in any way.”

The bill is supported by several leading Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has signaled he will support the legislation.

The sanctions would target all foreign-based entities involved in a U. S. company or entity, including U.G.P.’s, as well as foreign entities and companies that are “directly or indirectly engaged in the business of exporting to, or receiving payments or other benefits from” a U .

N. agency.

“If we have any information that might indicate that a foreign government or its intelligence services are engaged in activities that could influence U.C.-supported foreign entities in the United States, then we should take steps to protect U. C.-supported organizations from being used as a cover for such activities,” Reid said Tuesday.

He also called for the UF.

T. to submit a report to the U-N.

secretary-general, on the extent of the Russian-directed money flow into U.A.E. financial institutions.

“The U .

S. should have a full and open investigation of this situation,” he said.

“We need to know what was going on in the UB.

P and how much of the money came from Russia.

The money was used for the purpose of enriching those in the Trump Organization.”

The UB.-backed company, The Trump Organization, has faced mounting scrutiny over its business dealings and links to Russia.

The Trump Organization has denied any wrongdoing.


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